Youth Accounts

Join the Club!

Hey Parents!  With only a $25.00 opening deposit, your child can join Samson and the CU Super Saver Kids Club, and be part of a special club that will allow your child to learn about saving money and having fun too! All you need to open an account is your child’s social security card.

It’s never too early to steer your kids in the right direction.  Help them start saving by joining CU Super Saver Kids Club.  We offer several kids accounts including Savings, Super Saver CDs and Coverdell Educational IRAs, that are tailored to the needs of kids ages 0-12.  Join Samson the Super Saver and get started on a lifetime of great saving habits with the CU Super Saver Kids Club.

Once your child signs up to be a member, they'll get a special Super Saver Savings Kit that includes a welcome letter, a piggy bank, and your first chance to open Samson's Treasure Chest!

Be a Super Saver!

Every time you make a deposit in person, you will get to choose a special prize out of Samson's Treasure Chest. Samson's Treasure Chest is full of cool prizes and fun toys, and you can pick any prize you want!

Be sure to also fill out a deposit slip every time you make a deposit of $5.00 or more, so you can enter in the quarterly drawings to win awesome prizes like a $50.00 gift card.

Plus, good grades really pay off when you're a member of the Super Saver Kids Club! Bring us your report card with all A's or the equivalent, and you will receive an extra entry into the quarterly drawing.

So what are you waiting for? Join in the fun! Join the CU Super Saver Kids Club today!

CU Varsity

CU Varsity is our account for young adults age 13-17. We want you to fulfill your goals and dreams, through hard work, self-motivation and self-discipline.  Anything is possible, including reaching your financial goals. Whether that goal is saving for a new laptop, a new car, or even your college education, CU Varsity is the account to cheer you on as you achieve it!

Perks of your CU Varsity account include a minimum balance of only $25.00, fun promotions all year long, and the @cuvarsity Instagram account is full of financial education resources and advice for young teens, soon to be graduates, and college or workforce bound youth. Whether you are just learning how to manage your money or working on building good credit for your first car, a CU Varsity savings account is the perfect place to start.