Additional Checking Services

  • Courtesy Pay


    Courtesy Pay Opt-In

    Have you ever been at the grocery store with a cart full of food, and had your debit card denied? Or coasted to the gas station on fumes, just to be stuck at the pump because your debit card was rejected for insufficient funds? Courtesy Pay is a service that many of us rely on to get us through the tough times (and prevent some embarrassment). However, due to federal regulations, you must Opt-In to the service or else you risk having your debit card denied at a time when you might need it most.

    If you wish to have Courtesy Pay on your checking account, please visit the Credit Union and see a member service representative, or Opt-In over the phone by calling 817.732.2803 and press 3 for the member service department.

    What You Need to Know about Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees

    An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway. Fort Worth City Credit Union can cover your overdrafts in two different ways: We have standard overdraft practices that come with your account. We call this service “Courtesy Pay” and it may only be allowed on one checking account per primary member. We do not offer this service on Independence Checking and Varsity Checking accounts.

    We also offer a Transfer from Savings Overdraft Protection service which is a link to your share savings account, but you must have funds available in your share account to cover any overdrafts. Our system always looks for available funds in the share savings before Courtesy Pay is enacted, and federal regulations limit share transfers to six per month. If you have enrolled in Overdraft protection and Courtesy Pay, our system will always look for available funds in your share first, as this option is less expensive than our Courtesy Pay program.

    What are the Courtesy Pay practices that come with my account?

    The maximum amount in overdraft transactions we will cover is $300 for Freedom Checking (maximum negative amount your account is allowed and fees are included) and $500 for Heritage Checking account holders.

    • You must be creditworthy, not a minor and not delinquent on any obligation to FWCCU.
    • You will have no more than 30 days from the date of our payment to deposit funds or obtain an approved credit union loan to cover the overdraft. Overdrafts not paid within 30 days will be subject to collection as set forth in credit union policy.
    • We shall terminate your Courtesy Pay privileges if you do not timely pay your overdrafts or if you are delinquent on any of your other obligations.
    • We process transactions in the order in which they are received and not necessarily in the order in which they were transacted. This can affect the total number of fees you may incur each day.
    • We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.
    • If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.

    What transactions are covered and not covered?

    Courtesy Pay is automatically provided for checks, ACH and recurring transactions from your checking account, but you must opt-in to add Courtesy Pay for your debit card transactions, such as ATM transactions and purchases.

    What fees will I be charged if Fort Worth City Credit Union pays my overdraft?

    For each Courtesy Pay transaction, you will be assessed a non-refundable fee of $20.00, (more than $10.00 less than the national average of $33.00). This is a reasonable cost for our Courtesy Pay program, which gives you an option when you need to make an emergency purchase, and provides you the security of knowing your transaction will be processed without additional charges from merchants due to insufficient funds.

    There is no limit on the total fees we can charge you for overdrawing your account, but if you have reached your Courtesy Pay limit, items pay be returned unpaid and a per item fee may be charged.

    Be sure to Opt-In to receive this valuable protection! Give us a call and speak to a member service representative today!

    Due to regulatory requirements, Courtesy Pay is only available on debit card transactions to eligible members who "opt in" as an overdraft option. We pay all checks and debits on your checking account in order of arrival sequence. Do not rely on Courtesy Pay to pay your items - it is intended only as a courtesy in the event you accidentally overdraw your account. Your ability to "opt in" may be limited or restricted and may be revoked at the credit union's discretion. If you have already opted in to Courtesy Pay and would like to change your preference to opt out, please contact the Credit Union at 817.732.2803.

  • Overdraft Protection


    Overdraft Protection from your Share Account

    An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but it is paid by the Credit Union anyway. Fort Worth City Credit Union can cover your overdrafts in two different ways: Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay.

    Overdraft Protection is a free service that links to your share account to one of your checking accounts to cover any potential overdrafts, however you must have funds available in your share account for overdraft protection to work. There is also a limit of 6 electronic withdrawals per month from a savings account, and you must not have already reached your 6 withdrawal limit. Our system always looks for available funds in the share first if you have Overdraft Protection, as this option is less expensive than our Courtesy Pay program.

    To link your share account for Overdraft Protection, contact a member service representative today. To learn more about Overdraft Protection or Courtesy Pay, call 817.732.2803.

  • Order Checks


    Express Yourself with Checks

    Visit the Harland-Clarke website for all your check-ordering needs. Follow the simple navigational menu and you can not only order your checks, but you may customize them to suit your preferences. Want to know the status after an order? A tracking service is also available so you can view exactly when your checks were sent out. Click the link below to enter the Harland-Clarke website.

    Due to heightened security, certain changes may cause a delay in printing. Information changes such as address changes or adding joint owners must be verified by Fort Worth City Credit Union before those checks can be printed. For any changes to your check information, contact the Credit Union at 817.732.2803 and we will assist you with your check order.

    Check Printing Fees

    The charge for checks depends on the style chosen. For the Heritage Checking account, the designated special style is free, up to two boxes of checks per year. If a style other than the designated style is chosen, regular price will charged.

    Harland-Clarke Online Check Reorder

  • Stop Pay


    Stop Payment on a Check

    Payment lost in the mail? Checkbook stolen? Stop Payment Orders on checks can be useful in many different situations, including lost or stolen checks. Simply fill out a Stop Payment Order (be sure to include the correct check number) and fax it to Member Services at 817.732.7524 during regular lobby hours, and we will mark that specific check number as "Do Not Pay". We’ll even notify you if that check attempts to clear your checking account. The fee for a stop payment is $20.00 per check, but the peace of mind is priceless!

    Stop Payment Order PDF

    Stop Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Bank Wires


    In Today's Fast-Paced World, Time is Money!

    Whether it’s to payoff a loan, make a last minute payment, or to send money to help a sick parent, wire transfers are an easy and secure way to send money fast. For your convenience, there are two ways to wire money:

    Domestic Bank-to-Bank Wire

    This is the fastest way to make a one-time transfer of money from your FWCCU account to an account at another financial institution. Let us know the receiving account holder’s name, routing number, and account number, and we can have that transfer sent within an hour. The availability of funds depend on the policies of the receiving bank.

    Western Union

    Western Union wire transfers are useful for sending money that can be picked up at any Western Union in the United States. Simply let us know the full name of the recipient, and the city and state where the money will be received. Funds are sent within an hour, and funds are available immediately at any of the thousands of Western Union locations across the country.

    Any wire transfer requests received after 3:30 pm will be sent the next business day. The cost of a domestic wire transfer or Western Union is $15.00, and funds are deducted from your account only when the wire has been sent.

    For low-cost alternatives, transfers to FWCCU members accounts, or for transfers that do not need to be immediate, we also offer M2M, P2P, Remote ACH Transfers and EFT Authorizations.

    Contact Member Services at 817.732.2803 to send a wire transfer today!

  • ACH/EFT Authorizations


    ACH/Remote Transfers

    Do you have an account at another bank or credit union that you would like to transfer money to? A Remote Transfer is an ACH transfer that you can make to or from any account that you may have at another financial institution. It can be initiated through our Home Banking Website, and must be initiated each time (to set up a recurring transfer, see EFT Authorization below). You simply need the routing number and account number of your domestic financial institution that you want the money to go to or to come from. There is no charge for a Remote ACH Transfer, and it takes up to three business days for the transaction to be complete.

    EFT Authorizations (Recurring)

    An EFT is an Electronic Funds Transfer. This is a recurring transfer that takes place automatically on the same day, every week or month, for the same amount each time. You set it up just one time through our Member Service Reps, and it will happen automatically from that point forward, until we receive a cancellation notice from you. In order to qualify, the accounts, amount, and date must be the same every month. There is no charge for an EFT authorization. Contact Member Services at 817.732.2803 to get your EFT started.