Additional Savings Services

Getting your paycheck deposited into your account automatically is safer and more reliable than receiving a paper check.

  • Direct Deposit


    With direct deposit, you don't have to worry about your check being stolen out of your mailbox, or making a trip to the Credit Union to cash or deposit your paycheck. Your money is on time, every time. Direct deposit can be used for many different kinds of deposits, such as payroll, retirement, Social Security, VA and more. To receive your pay through direct deposit, you will need to provide three pieces of information:

    • The FWCCU nine-digit routing transit number: 311981669
    • Your FWCCU checking or savings account number (often found at the bottom of your personal check)
    • The type of account you have (checking or savings)

    Members who have direct deposit of their net pay into their account for six months or more are eligible for loan rate discounts on certain types of loans.

  • Payroll Deduction


    Payroll Deduction is the deposit of a portion of your pay into your account. This can be used to build up a savings account, or to deduct your loan payment directly from your paycheck.